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Dressing For Your Body Shape

Dressing For Your Body Shape


Today, there are hundreds of styles available to us, but that does not mean they are all designed for us. Thumb rule is, you need to know fashion do’s and don’ts that APPLIES TO YOU. As long as you appear symmetrical you’ll look great! You basically don’t always have to resort to dieting and hiding your body. Knowing what flatters your body shape makes shopping so much easier because you can steer yourself in the right direction in what you should buy, saving time and money too! Know your body shape and apply your own fashion do and don’ts.


1 Wear the right clothes for your body shape and you’ll “fill out” and slim down areas, creating a proportional body shape with no heavy point that “interrupts” the eye.

2 Choose the right cut and length to make a wide butt (and hips and thighs), boyish hips and a full torso look less noticeable.

3 Your goal is to create a visually balanced yet feminine body – making it look like your bust and shoulders are at the same width as your hips.

4 If your hips are greatly wider than the shoulders, then add more volume to your top half.


5 If you have a straight waist, find clothes that will add dimensions to your upper and lower part, making your torso look narrower in comparison.

6 Choose clothing that fits properly every time, from the dresses to business suits. Whether you have an angular or ultra curvy figure, are short or tall, clothing that is either baggy or too tight will not be flattering on any figure.

7 Another tip that applies to all the different body shapes is: don’t buy an item of clothing just because it’s trendy. Not every trend works on every body type. Classic clothing for different body shapes can be purchased in more modern cuts, and you can accent your base wardrobe with a few pieces of trend clothing that are appropriate for your body.




Dressing For Your Body Shape

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