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How Much Water Should You Drink

How Much Water Should You Drink


cheersHave you heard of the most wonderful skin care treatment that is easily available to everyone, has side benefits that affects not just your rosy glow but your whole body, and is utterly painless to use? It’s called water, and you drink it.

Every cell in your body needs water from head to toe. Take for example, brain consists of 90% of water, if you do not supply enough water to your body, your brain cannot function well, and you will get headache or migraine. Hence, next time, if you feel fatigue and headache, it may be the sign of dehydration.

I know some of you may think that drinking any type of fluid will do the job. The facts are these; Not Cola, not beer, not juice, not coffee, not even tea can replace the magical, rejuvenating effects of that old classic, H2O.

Coffee has an abundance of interesting chemicals including caffeine, which raises your heartbeat, exaggerates stress on the body and causes diuresis, or loss of hydration. All these things combine to make for ravaged, hag-like skin.  Cappuccino may taste good, but it’s going to increase under eye circles, make your kidneys work harder than they should, and can result in breakouts, flushing and blotchy skin.

glassHow much water should you drink

It is recommended by beauty experts and dermatologists alike, to drink a MINIMUM of 8 x 8-ounce glasses of water daily. That’s four glasses in the morning, and four more after lunch, a doable goal.

Try not to drink water straight from the water tap unless you have installed good water filtration system. Why water filters? You’ll be surprised with what you see filtered off the tap water! No weird chemical smells, no salty-chlorinated creepiness, no impurities and horrible cancer-causing agents, just clean, tasty water.

You could also buy bottled water, at RM1.50 per bottle, at the grocery store. Let’s see, for 8 glasses of water, you’ll need approximately 6 bottles per day.  That’s RM9.00 in a day, RM63.00 in a week and RM252.00 to spend a month on drinking water! At this rate, no wonder some people don’t drink water!

Here’s some benefits of drinking water:-

1.   Drinking water enhances fat loss

Water is an essential nutrient. All chemical reactions in the body depend upon it. If you’re trying to lose weight, this can’t be ignored. You won’t be able to lose weight without water to flush out the by-products of fat breakdown. When there isn’t enough water to dilute the body’s waste products, kidney stones may form. When the kidneys aren’t working to their full potential, the liver must step in and help. Once this happens the liver can’t optimally perform its other important functions. As a result, burning fat has to wait.

2.   Combat ailments by drinking more water

In many cases, fatigue, headaches and back pain may be caused by dehydration. If you suffer from an afternoon nod off, try drinking more water at lunch. If you or your children complain of frequent headaches, the amount of water you’re drinking could be responsible. And, muscle spasms are also caused by not being adequately hydrated. Proper hydration helps keep your joints and muscles lubricated, so you’ll less likely get cramps and sprains.

drink water3.   Drinking water can reduce hunger

Experts say that hunger pangs are often misinterpreted cravings for water. Try drinking water before your regular meals and see if it helps you cut down on the amount of food you eat. It really works as an effective appetite suppressant. As mentioned earlier, avoid counting tea, coffee, sodas and juices in your fluid intake. Coffee and tea contain caffeine which has a diuretic effect and makes you lose water. Sodas and juices are too sweet—because the body must dilute them, they cause more dehydration.

4.   Look younger – drinking water hydrates your skin

When the skin is properly hydrated, it looks plump and more radiant. Water will keep the toxins flushed out and help you to cool off through perspiration. Muscles need to have enough water to make them look full too. Deprive yourself of water and you’ll see the difference in the mirror.

5.   Helps in Digestion and Constipation

Drinking water raises your metabolism because it helps digestion. Fiber and water goes hand in hand so that you can have your daily bowel movement.

6.   Reduce the risk of cancer

Related to the digestive system, some studies show that drinking a healthy amount of water may reduce the risks of bladder cancer and colon cancer. Water dilutes the concentration of cancer-causing agents in the urine and shortens the time in which they are in contact with bladder lining.

Other Health benefits of drinking water

  • regulate appetite
  • increase metabolism
  • boost energy levels
  • less water retention
  • help reduce blood pressure
  • help reduce high cholesterol
  • ease joint pain
  • less chance developing kidney stones
  • release toxic waste products

yam sengCautions to consider

People with kidney problems or other conditions were fluid intake needs to be limited should follow their doctor’s recommendations with correct sodium intake.  One potential but rare side effect of fluid intake can be hypoatremia in which electrolytes become imbalanced. Always seek advice from your doctor before trying any new diet or changing eating / drinking habits!

Now that you have seen the importance of water to your body; next question.

Just how do you know if you’re getting dehydrated?

If you have a dry mouth, produce less urine, have very dark urine and/or feel dizzy or faint you probably need water, quick.  Experts now recommend even more, up to 12 glasses a day. To be more precise, drink ½ ounce per pound of body weight. If you exercise or are very active increase the number to 2/3 ounce per pound. Try monitoring your water intake closely for the next month. When you drink enough, you’ll look and feel better.

So, start drinking your water today and experience the positive effects. You’ll never avoid drinking water again after that!


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How Much Water Should You Drink

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