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Yves Rocher New Les Plaisirs Nature, is just full of delicious surprises which are natural, refreshing and colourful and make bathtime a moment of pure delight.  It is the pleasure of a daily beauty routine overflowing with freshly picked fruit which makes your mouth water and your skin feel soft and revitalized.

Faithful to its commitments, Yves Rocher, creator of Botanical Beauty has chosen the best variety of fruit from the best origins to create this natural and delicious collection of 8 range of fragrances.


Calice'-picCalice Chow, Loyalty Marketing

(Calice has tried product ranges from Raspberry & Organic Oats)

I hope to have a healthy and youthful looking body that’s why body care is important to me. I select a body care product based on smell & sensation.

Products from Raspberry range give a sweet & tangy smell of raspberries. While the ORGANIC OATS range of products gives a spa-like feeling, fresh, revitalising scent. I like the shower gel it keeps my body fresh & comfortable, soft & moisture. It cleanses my skin gently in soft lather not very foamy. Meanwhile, the Soap cleanses gently in soft lather & without drying the skin. Hand cream is light & non-greasy, absorbs quickly onto the skin I love how it moisture & soften my skin. After washing hands, my skin still feels moisture.  EDT Spray is mild with sweet & tangy smell of raspberry. It leaves a feeling of indulgence & sweet after spraying.

I’ve tried few Yves Rocher’s products and result was good, so I would recommend Yves Rocher to my family and friends.


Carmen Tan, Admin

(Carmen has tried product ranges from Yellow Peach, Coconut Oil & Blackberry)

I need body care to keep my skin clean, fresh, smooth and fair. My main criteria when selecting a body care product is smell & sensation.

Yellow Peach product ranges smells very fresh of peach aroma. The Malaysian Coconut range smells good, sweet coconut. Blackberry range smells like aroma therapy of blackberries with relaxing sensation. Shower gel is soap-free, therefore I feel refreshing, smooth and harmony after bath. Using the soap and silky cream leaves the skin smooth, Silky, moisturised, and refreshed coz its non-sticky and very easy absorb into the skin. FIZZY BATH CUBE gives a relaxing sensation with the aroma therapy scent. Spraying the EDT makes me feel the harmony.

Yes, I would recommend Yves Rocher to my family and friends coz Yves Rocher products is organic and is less chemical which is good for our skin; back to natural!


E Ven, Loyalty Marketing

(E Ven has tried product ranges from Strawberry, Yellow Peach & Coconut Oil)

Body care is important to ensure my skin is clean, moisture and delicate. Smell is my main criteria, texture, sensation, pricing.

I like the fruity smell of the Yellow Peach & Strawberry range. The smell is just nice for daily usage as it is not too strong. Malaysian Coconut product range smells good, it smells like cookies. Shower gel is very moisturizing. It leaves my body moisturised whole day. More bubbles if use with bath lily, easier to rinse off. After using the body exfoliant, my skin is refreshed, soft and smooth especially during daytime shower, leaving a lingering scent of it. I like the Silky Lotion coz I prefer products that are non-sticky. The Silky Lotion smells good and the texture is lightweight and soft. Not sticky during application or after application. Skin remains moisturised even after washing hands. Prefer to use it at daytime as working in an air-conditioned room, it keeps me moisturised with some soft fruity smell (not too strong), and acceptable by the people surrounding me. Night time, will not leave me the sticky or creamy feeling although am not sleeping in an air-conditioned room. The EDT leaves a very long lasting smell.

I would, most probably recommend Yves Rocher to my family and friends because I trust a brand creates confidence on its own. Yves Rocher has quality products and the ingredients are pure and natural.


Irene, Nutritionist

(Irene has tried product ranges from Blackberry & Vanilla)

To me, body care is very important. If I don’t apply body lotion for a week, my skin will start to dry out as I spend half of my time under the sun and the other half in air condition room. I select a body care product based on the effectiveness of the product, followed by smell, then the pricing.

After 1 week usage of the products, my skin feels softer. And my entire colleague commented that I smell good. Using the Vanilla range of products is like showering myself in the vanilla ice cream, creamy and smells good. My body smell like vanilla even after a long period. The texture was smoothing creamy. BLACKBERRY The smell of Blackberry range is just nice, sweet. I don’t like shower gel with too strong in the smell. The texture is just nice, not too sticky or too watery and leaves me feeling very refreshing. The soap smell was good and it didn’t dries the skin like other soap does. The most important thing is the soap gives the skin a layer of moisturises; the feeling is like after applying lotion. I will purchase again. FIZZY BATH CUBE gives me a creamy feel after the bath. The Silky Lotion is what I love best. I am very satisfied with the silky lotion, the texture is silky smooth. I give full marks to the silky lotion. It smell nice, texture was good. And the most important thing is the lotion is not sticky and it penetrates into the skin fast. Even after one whole day, my skin still moisture and smell good. Previously my skin was extra dry, after using this lotion, my skin condition improved. It even soften my large pores on my skin, now is less visible.

Yes, I would recommend Yves Rocher to my family and friends coz the smell is great and it works; that’s the most important of all!

sheriel-jpegSheriel, Account Director

(Sheriel has tried product ranges from Vanilla)

Body care is very important to keep my skin soft, supple & hydrate at all times. For me, the main criteria when choosing a body care product would be the texture and smell as especially the texture as it will determine the effectiveness of the product on our skin.

The smell of the shower gel is very pleasant. I found it to be soothing & relaxing especially when it is used in hot shower. It gave a good lather especially when it is used with a bath accessory and rinse off easily. It leaves a lingering fragrance after shower and made me feel very relaxed especially after a hard day of work. The Silky Cream, the scent is not too overpowering, even after I did a product layering of the shower gel & silky cream. My skin feels silky soft and smooth after applying the cream. It penetrates easily although it’s in a cream format. My skin remains softer & well moistured after a few days of continuous usage. I like the hand cream because of its light yet moisturising texture and it leaves a nice “chocolaty” scent.  My hands don’t feel sticky after application. I highly recommend the hand cream for day use coz the texture is light & non-sticky texture (you can still work & typing on the computer keyboard immediately after applying the lotion) and yet moisturise the hands. It leaves a nice lingering fragrance while you work! Liquid Hand Soap keeps my hands soft & clean after washing, though I prefer it to have more lather. However, the scent is very pleasant. Vanilla EDT is just nice to wear in the daytime as the scent is light and pleasant.  The good thing is that the EDT is not sticky when I sprayed it on my skin.

Yes, I would recommend Yves Rocher to my family and friends coz I found that Yves Rocher has great botanical based products that are valued for money.


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