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2010 Blueprint

Social marketing as a relatively new non-traditional form of persuasive marketing communications is widely misunderstood. Most advertising and marketing executives assume that the term relates mainly to content generated by consumers. Beyond social marketing, marketers ought to carefully investigate and test every practical means of befriending consumers by new and established forms of marketing communications which do not involve straight advertising. This includes True Sponsorship in all its forms i.e. entertainment programs as well as educational or tutorial ones, in all media; cause marketing; service advertising (e.g. helping the consumer to know which products to buy and how to use them); sponsored games; sponsored processes supporting consumer generated media; and new forms which no one has thought of yet.

Marketers need to study their target customers “to learn what kinds of social marketing and web experiences they would likely value the most, and to test those experiences”.  In any case, these figures are quite compelling and point out that a managed community can drive drastic changes in brand performance.

So why doesn’t your company and brand have a managed community?



We can support any marketing initiative that falls into our core-competencies. We have plenty of answers plus a live chat feature to guide you through any tricky spots, if you have any. Email us or contact our G Team now at + 6 012 386 3148.

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